CIW: Data Analyst (1D0-622)

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Fundamentals of Data Analysis

  • The Importance of Quality Source Data
  • Data Structure Types
  • Centralized Data Benefits
  • Structured vs. Unstructured Data
  • Types of Data
  • Typical Sources of Business Data
  • Data Protection Policies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data Life Cycle Management (DLM)
  • Data Analysis Process
  • Lesson Summary

Introduction to Big Data

  • Big Data
  • The Importance of IT Data Management
  • IT Business Environments
  • Cloud-Based Data
  • Cloud-Native Data
  • In-House Data
  • When to Migrate In-House Data to the Cloud
  • Variations of Cloud-Based Systems
  • Typical Databases Used for Data Analysis
  • Data-Driven Business Decisions
  • Impact of Data Errors
  • Importance of Organizational Strategy and Data Quality in Data Analytics
  • Data Modeling 
  • Importance of Data Maintenance and Data Backup
  • Lesson Summary

Working with Data Sources

  • Data E-Harmony: Working with Different Departments to Bring Data Together
  • The Purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM Integration: A Banking Scenario
  • Obtaining Data from Email and User Forums
  • Obtaining Data from Other Knowledge Bases
  • Obtaining Data from CRM and Business-to-Business Frameworks
  • Transaction, Payment and Inventory Data
  • Using Multiple Data Sources
  • Lesson Summary

Tools for Capturing and Analyzing Data

  • Data Analytics Tools
  • Capturing Data: Tableau Public
  • Capturing Data: Google BigQuery
  • Capturing Data: OpenRefine
  • Overview: Hadoop-Based Environments
  • Capturing and Analyzing Data in Hadoop
  • The R Project
  • Additional Software for Data Capture
  • Lesson Summary

Analyzing and Reporting Data

  • Network Traffic
  • Data Integration
  • Why Testing is Important?
  • Statistical Computing and Programming
  • Organizational Efforts and Business Outcomes
  • Best Methods to Capture and Report Specific Data
  • Data Analysis and Reporting Dashboards
  • Create Reports and Charts
  • Create a Presentation for Reporting Data
  • Frequently Asked Questions for Presentations
  • Lesson Summary

Appendix A: Data Analyst Objectives and Locations

Appendix B: Works Consulted


Fundamentals of Data Analysis

  • Learning the Data Analysis Lingo
  • Learning Structured and Unstructured Data in the Real World
  • Analyzing the Metadata and Understanding Search Engine Optimization
  • Using the AdSense and AdWords Services

Introduction to Big Data

  • Analyzing and Utilizing Big Data
  • Adapting to Changing Data Requirements
  • Comparing Relational Database Management Systems
  • Analyzing DDDM and Data for Blanket Technology

Working with Data Sources

  • Calculating the Churn Rate
  • Analyzing Customer Relationship Management
  • Calculating Consumer Lifetime Value in Banking
  • Understanding the RFM Analysis for Customer Segmentation

Tools for Capturing and Analyzing Data

  • Creating a Stacked Bar Chart
  • Using RStudio

Analyzing and Reporting Data

  • Creating a Gantt Chart
  • Comparing Prezi and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

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